Search Engine Optimization
Performing onsite audit to determine any issues that may cause rank downgrade and checking for SEO factors that helps to accelerate onsite optimization

Keyword Planning: Performing a keyword planning for the targeted keywords and determine the competition level to decide the right approach for reaching the desired result.

Onsite Optimization: Optimizing onsite factors and refining content to support the planned keyword strategy.

Offsite Optimization: ● backlink strategy ● Active search. ● Indexing. ● Articles. ● Citations. ● Ad Words

Observation and monitoring the progress: Monitoring the progress with all the time to measure the effectiveness of the planned strategy and be ready to re catch up on time to correct the results.

Promoting and filling the gaps: Performing actions that help to maintain or to improve the results and the gained ranking for some time.

Responding to fans and followers on social media is an important part of social media management to developing our strategy to achieve our goals by create your own community.

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